Feb 28, 2007

Preheating the kitchen

One of my favorite blogs was "For the Love of Cake & Cock" by Preheated. Yes, my two favorite subjects, food and sex, in one blog. Great writing, but then she posted a pic of herself in the kitchen. I had to share it with you! Thanks, Preheated; you're heating us up!

Feb 17, 2007

Jamaica in the Kitchen

Jamaica James
has a blog with images of herself that I love. She appears cute, naive, warm and strangely sexy in these shots, many of which appear to be self-portraits. She just did a series in the kitchen, and you know that's what I like, and she agreed to let me share them with you. Please go to her blog to see more of Jamaica!

Feb 15, 2007

Food Network's Got Nothing on This!

I Want To Fuck You In The Kitchen is a celebration of the very best culinary sex. Food fetishists everywhere prepare yourselves for this veritable feast of hardcore fucking. With a selection of savory sluts garnished with everything from whipped cream to olive oil, the result is an undeniably tempting recipe for success. Michelle Wild, Vanessa Desiree, Sandra Shine, Silvia Bella and Lisa are among the tasty morsels waiting to be devoured in an orgy of anal sex, DP's and blowjobs. Plus some delicious lesbian action when Michelle, Patricia and Sandra show us what three greedy girls and a dildo get up to in the kitchen of the local pizza parlour!