Jul 24, 2006

Come on in my kitchen!

You better come on in my kitchen, babe
It's gonna be rainin' outdoors

- Robert Johnson

Out of reach

Babes like this always seemed out of reach to me. Guess I needed more confidence.

See if it sticks

I've always been fond of pasta. Hope it's al dente. I wonder what else she can suck down.

I'll pull those apron strings...

...you slut!

Don't break the yolk!

What I'd like to see...

...across the breakfast table

You Peel...

...I'll slip (it in)

Too Many Cooks?

Let's check their "broth" and see...

Whipped Cream & Other Delights

I know there's a cherry in there somewhere...


This is a long-time favorite. I imagine, as I often do, that she's a woman I "keep." She's just returned from shopping and sees I'm already in the apartment, so she strips down and offers herself.